Equality, Fairness, Diversity and Inclusion

Home-Start East Sussex is a small independent local charity which provides free one-to-one and group services to encourage and develop the increased safety, confidence and independence of local children and adults who have experienced adversity.

The charity supports local families and the survivors of domestic abuse to build stronger, more resilient relationships, encouraging them to make decisions, act for themselves and take back control of their lives.

To achieve this, Home-Start East Sussex strives to ensure that none of our approaches to service delivery, working with volunteers and employment practices are discriminatory.

In 2021 we recruited an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator to focus on ensuring all our services are accessible to, and meet the needs of marginalised groups.  This year their main focus is the LGBT+ community and HSES has partnered with Brighton Switchboard to develop LGBT+ quality standards specifically for domestic abuse services.

Many of our clients are victim-survivors of domestic abuse and other crimes.  Our services can be accessed by victim-survivors both in and outside of the criminal justice system, whether or not any crime has been reported.  Our trauma-informed approach means that staff recognise that people facing multiple disadvantage are individuals with unique and diverse experiences.

Our services do not exclude specific people because of things that have happened to them, unless accessing our services puts them, other clients or staff at increased risk of harm; in which case they will be referred to an appropriate crisis service.


Our mission is to create an inclusive workplace and services through education and discussion to ensure that our staff team, volunteers and trustees are informed on EDI issues.

We intend to eradicate barriers that may hinder those from minoritised groups from accessing our services and working at HSES and to create a safe space for those that do.


To be a profoundly inclusive organisation that is well informed on EDI issues and offers services and a workplace environment that is welcoming and accessible to all members of the community.

HSES want to be part of a community that drives social action over and beyond our organisational aims. HSES want to be part of a community that drives social action over and beyond our organisational aims.

If you’d like to receive any of our documents in an alternative format:

Please email info@hses.org.uk or phone 01273 612025.

The following statement of policy is for use by all employees and volunteers working within Home-Start East Sussex:

Equality, Fairness and Diversity Policy Statement

Home Start East Sussex is committed to the 2010 Equality Act and 1998 Human Rights Act by developing an organisational culture that respects equality and human rights and welcomes and values difference in all aspects of its work.

A commitment to equal opportunities and the fundamental rights of individuals is at the heart of our work. This includes equal treatment and opportunity for people of any race, sexuality, gender, disability, religion or age. Our vision is to be able to offer services for anyone who needs them.

To help us achieve this, Home-Start East Sussex has in place policies and procedures relating to staff and volunteers that are designed to uphold the rights enshrined in both the 2010 Equality Act and 1998 Human Rights Act.  Employees, trustees and other volunteers are therefore required to comply with all policies and procedures designed to ensure respect for equality and human rights.

Home-Start East Sussex ensures all its other policies and procedures comply with this policy.

We are committed to addressing prejudice and discrimination by:

  • Ensuring the effectiveness of our Equality, Fairness and Diversity policy
  • Being clear and open about our values and approach
  • Listening, learning and taking action to bring about positive change
At Home-Start East Sussex, we want anyone who is eligible to use our services to have the opportunity to do so.

The changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought has meant a transition to remote service delivery, which has increased access for those with anxiety, travel restrictions or caring responsibilities, but has also reduced equality of access for some.

If you would like to use one of our services but are currently unable to access them due to not having the necessary devices, wifi/data or tech literacy, please get in touch and we will try to identify a way of helping you to join us.

Home-Start East Sussex is a Disability Confident employer.

We believe that people with disabilities and long term health conditions should have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.

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