“Who’s in Charge?” Groups for Parents

For parents of children aged 8-18 who are verbally or physically abusive and whose behaviour seems beyond their control

We are now able to provide devices or data/minutes packages for clients requiring technology in order to access our services. Please get in touch if this applies to you or someone you are working with to discuss support.

Our Who’s in Charge? programme is friendly group combining educational and therapeutic sessions for parents whose children are verbally or physically abusive and whose behaviour seems beyond their control. This programme runs over 9 weeks, and aims to support and empower you, encouraging you to make practical changes

Unlike mainstream parenting advice which assumes that your children are cooperative, we understand your children are likely to have stopped co-operating; they may appear to care about very little; may deliberately sabotage your attempts to apply consequences; and may escalate their violence when you say no or try to apply consequences 

Weekly topics include:

  • reducing any isolation/shame/stress that parents of difficult children may be experiencing
  • parenting styles
  • understanding and reflecting on family dynamics
  • children’s responsibilities and entitlement
  • the use of consequence
  • reinforcing positive changes

What do supported parents say about the service?

“One thing this course has really helped with is my shame. My friends don’t have to deal with misbehaviour to this extent from their children because they’re just not like that, so it’s been wonderful to hear from other people going through the same thing”

“This course is giving me a feeling where I just feel calmer coming every week. It’s like therapy!”

“It’s nice having more knowledge of consequences as a bolster, I don’t feel so out of control. I have managed to put consequences into place and it has been very helpful”

“I’m finding the course very interesting and I love the way it slowly reveals a way forward, bit by bit, step by step. Small steps are way more manageable and if they don’t always succeed it doesn’t feel so massively discouraging.”

If you’d like a chat about this service or help to apply you can call Alex on 07505 426118 or leave us a voicemail on 01273 612025.  You can email us at info@hses.org.uk or message us on Facebook by clicking here.

If you work for a partner agency and would like to refer someone to the Who’s In Charge? programme, or you are a parent who would like to self-refer, please download and complete an Intake Form below and email to info@hses.org.uk .  This programme is funded for parents living in East Sussex including Brighton & Hove.

To download our Who’s in Charge? intake form, please click here. Please send your completed from to info@hses.org.uk