Who’s in Charge Programme

Who’s in Charge is a 9-week safe, friendly group combining educational and therapeutic sessions for parents in East Sussex or Brighton & Hove, whose children are verbally or physically abusive and whose behaviour seems beyond their control. The programme aims to:  

  • Support and empower parents. 
  • Encourage practical changes usually in terms of rules and consequences.  Unlike mainstream parenting advice which assumes that children are cooperative, most parents that attend our programme have children who have stopped co-operating; often appear to care about very little; may deliberately sabotage parents attempts to apply consequences; or may escalate their violence when parents implement behavioural control strategies. 
  • Reinforce these changes and cover some advanced topics.  


There is a steady reduction in content during the course of the group – the idea being that the group becomes more positive and helpful and thus discussion increases and facilitator directed exercises reduce. 

 There are 8 structured sessions, which incorporate group exercises, discussion and handouts. A follow-up session is held after 2 months, where family situations and progress are reviewed.

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