Volunteer Stories

Here are what some of our volunteers have said about their experience:

 I have been a sounding board, a facilitator, a bottle giver, a play mate, a boundary giver, a friend- all at the same time. At times it is tiring and frustrating and then at other times there is laughter and love. I continue to volunteer with Home-Start because amongst witnessing and experiencing all these difficulties and pleasures with a family, seeing how a situation can change for the better, and knowing that I am playing some small part in this, is incredibly rewarding.

Volunteering at Home-Start with a family really develops your listening skills- as any opinions you have need to be kept to yourself. This I found difficult to start with but now I always use this skill and find it very rewarding.

volunteer stories

I feel excited and honoured to be part of something which allows families and individuals to develop independence and blossom in strength and confidence.

Being a Home-Start volunteer is a privilege as you become part of another family’s life and this has given me perspective outside my own life experience.  Just being there for the families I support is simply what motivates me, as this is often what they don’t have present in their lives.
Rachel (now a qualified social worker after using her volunteering experience as part of her application)