How volunteers can help

mother with baby and volunteerWe support any family that is struggling to cope, often where there is at least one child under five.

Families may need support due to:

  • isolation
  • illness or injury
  • disability or mental health issues
  • bereavement
  • relationship problems
  • multiple births
  • teenage pregnancy or being a young parent
  • feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or unhappy
  • poverty or financial difficulties
  • poor housing
  • substance abuse
  • domestic violence

How volunteers can help

Volunteers offer tailor-made, emotional and practical support to families through:

  • help getting to appointments
  • establishing routines
  • accessing benefits, grants and financial support
  • using local services or specialist support
  • getting the family involved with the local community
  • encouraging play and reading with their children
  • listening to the family’s worries or concerns
  • offering a shoulder to cry on
  • sharing your own experiences of parenting and family life
  • being there because you want to – not because someone has ‘sent’ you
  • giving parents a break
  • offering advice
  • providing support, friendship and encouragement