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Whole Family IDVA


Jordan volunteered with Home-Start during her masters studies researching to contribute to the re-writing of our domestic abuse recovery programme.  She now works with us as a Whole Family Independent Violence Advisor (IDVA), supporting victim survivors one-to-one and in our recovery programmes.

Jordan is passionate about supporting and working collaboratively with victim survivors to increase their safety and wellbeing, Jordan is client-led and encourages victim survivors to progress in their recovery at their pace. Jordan is a Community Psychologist and works within a holistic and de-medicalised belief and approach to mental health and psycho-social difficulties. Jordan has researched gender-based inequalities and oppression with mothers to highlight the disproportionate expectations and discourses which persist,  and how these can increase distress and difficulties for those who have become parents.

Jordan also works as a Primary school teacher, encouraging and inspiring learning and enjoying the creative and pastoral side of working with children aged 4-11.

Jordan was raised with fostered brothers and sisters and understands some of the difficulties and experiences that families who have children that are not currently in their care may face.

Relevant Qualifications and Training:

  • MA Community Psychology
  • PGCE (3-7 years specialism)
  • BA Culture, Education and Childhood
  • Diploma in Domestic Violence studies.
  • SafeLives IDVA qualified
  • Qualified Who’s in Charge Child to Parent Violence and Abuse practitioner
  • Qualified Healing Together facilitator



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