What People Say About Us

What families say about us

“Things have been made easier i.e. we are able to go out more as a family to places we would not otherwise be able to get to. We are less stressed and more confident.”

“(My volunteer) has been very supportive, is a good listener and good with practical help”

“(My volunteer) is fantastic. She is flexible, understanding, a good listener and makes us feel we are important. She has changed our lives for the better.”

“I was very isolated and in need of practical and emotional support which S has given me. I now feel more supported and…feel stronger and more able to cope. S is a lovely lady who is kind and very helpful. I feel the right volunteer was chosen for my family. A big thank you for providing the support!”

“C has helped with my eldest son where his autistic traits have worsened over the last 6 months. She also helped with numerous forms and paperwork and is being flexible to help with children through a few hospital appointments.”

“I look forward to having someone to talk to who doesn’t judge me.”

“My volunteer has been a huge support to me…she has been a great listener which has helped me feel better about myself after having tried yet another (baby) group where I didn’t fit in.”

“I think it is a fabulous service and one which I hope I can join and volunteer in the future”

The service is fantastic and my volunteer well matched with my family. She did a couple of bits of research on various things we’d chatted about for me and I was quite touched by it.”

“It was very stressful and very hard to cope but since Home-Start things have changed.”

“We are very grateful of Home-Start support. Our volunteer is very friendly, polite, caring, supportive and she is a credit to Home Start and an amazing help to us.”

“I feel I am not alone with all my responsibilities. Fantastic service and has made such a difference to my life”

“I am now managing my finances and better at budgeting and I am setting plans to improve communication with my teenage daughter. M has been a great influence and help.”

“I like D” J aged 3 1/2

“(My volunteer) has helped the children by providing regular, weekly, stable contact. They look forward to seeing him. It’s nice having a man around who’s authoritative when needed. My life has become a lot simpler and we are more settled”

What volunteers say about us

“Volunteering at Home-Start with a family really develops your listening skills- as any comments, suggestions or opinions you have are normally kept to yourself. This I found difficult to start with but now I always use this skill and find it very rewarding.”

“Home-Start’s objectives for helping and nurturing families captured my desire to not ignore the issues facing so many families today. I feel excited and honoured to be part of something which allows families and individuals to develop independence and blossom in strength and confidence.”

“Being a Home-Start volunteer is a privilege, in becoming part of another family’s life, and has given me perspective outside my own life, which is all good! Just being there for my family, is simply what motivates me, as this is often what they don’t have present in their lives.”

“I have been a sounding board, a facilitator, a bottle giver, a play mate, a boundary giver, a friend- all at the same time. At times it is tiring and frustrating and then at other times there is laughter and love. I continue to volunteer with Home-Start because amongst witnessing and experiencing all these difficulties and pleasures with a family, seeing how a situation can change for the better, and knowing that I am playing some small part in this, is incredibly rewarding.”

What professionals say about us

“This service has been very beneficial for Mrs P. Her other support has been reduced as her mood has improved.” Community Psychiatric Nurse

“P seems much more positive and has been attending a parenting course. Both children seem much more secure.” Children’s Centre Staff

“Thank you for your continued support. E has found the support from your volunteer invaluable as she has come to terms with being a single mother of twins” Children’s Centre Staff

“I am very pleased to hear that V will have continued support from Home-Start. She is finding visits extremely useful and has made a big difference to her being able to cope with the children.” Children’s Centre Staff

“I feel C has benefitted greatly from her support from your service, both for her mental health and parenting of A.” Health Visitor

“Family report good support and relationship with volunteer and find the help invaluable. Thank you.” Health Visitor ”

“Wonderful support for C – reports to be very positive intervention.” Health Visitor