Volunteer Home-Visiting Service

Due to funding, at present this service is only available in East Sussex (not Brighton & Hove.)

“ M arranged for us to go to the group, and then came with us. I really needed some moral support to actually make it there. I struggle with new places, but A really loves it, it is worth making the effort”

Home-Start East Sussex believes that every child should have the opportunity to reach their  potential

There are many issues that families struggle with, that directly or indirectly impact on their children’s learning and development:

  • parental feelings of isolation, depression or anxiety
  • baby/toddler behaviour including sleeping/eating
  • Child/parent disability or illness
  • difficulties with living environment

The aim of this service is to address the barriers that affect a families’ ability to develop learning and developmental opportunities for their preschool children. Parent-volunteers are recruited, vetted and attend an 8 week training course. Following training, they are matched with a family for 8-12 visits or 4 months who they support to offer emotional and practical support in a range of situations. Once those barriers have been addressed, parents are more able to:

  • develop a learning friendly environment at home (volunteers may encourage families to access books)
  •  identify skills which the child would need by school (parents may be supported with toilet training or socialisation via support to attend a baby/toddler group)

Families can contact us directly or via another statutory or voluntary service that is currently supporting them.  The support is open to families of children from birth to starting school age. Feedback is provided by the volunteers and the families we work with to ensure that we are constantly improving the service.

Outcomes measured:

  1. Children will experience an improved home environment. For example, ensuring availability of toys and books, implementing de-cluttering and cleaning routines and managing household budgets
  2. Children will benefit from their parents improved skills in parenting. For example accessing appropriate services, establishing routines and boundaries, reducing conflict
  3. Children’s learning and development skills will improve so that they are ready for nursery/school. For example, volunteers help parents to encourage and support their children to cope away from their parents, recognise their own name, use the toilet and understand simple hygiene.


Please click here to download our Home Visiting referral form.


Please have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions if you are thinking of making a referral..

Families can submit an Enquiry Form  so we can contact you to arrange an informal chat in the first instance.

We also accept submitted Enquiry Forms from any statutory or voluntary agency working with the family.  It is the third parties responsibility to gain permission to share the potential service-user’s contact details with us.

You can also find out more by contacting the home-visiting service Family Support & Volunteer Coordinator  Egle at egle.kelpsaite@hses.org.uk  or 07395791374.