School-Readiness Home-Visiting Service


“ M arranged for us to go to the group, and then came with us. I really needed some moral support to actually make it there. I struggle with new places, but A really loves it, it is worth making the effort”

Do you believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their potential?

Our parent-volunteer home-visiting service helps families to develop learning and development opportunities for their preschool children, within their homes and local community.    Trained parent-volunteers work with parents to increase their understanding of learning and development and to develop family routines to include activities that help their children’s early learning. Their children can then start school or nursery better able to benefit fully from formal education.

Following accredited training, our parent-volunteers home-visit families for approximately three months with a focus on one or two goals  such as:

Supporting parents to improving the home learning environment by,
• ensuring the availability of stimulating materials in the home (toys, books etc)
• de-cluttering and cleaning routines being implemented
• managing household budget

They may also support parents to;

  • engage in their own child’s development
  • cope with their child being away from them
  • access appropriate services
  • establishing routines and boundaries
  • prepare and cook healthy meals
  • manage their children’s anxiety and challenging behaviour
  • reduce conflict within the family

When age-appropriate, volunteers may help parents to encourage and support their children to:

  • play and share with other children
  • put on own shoes
  • use the toilet and understand simple hygiene
  • eat and drink unaided
  • cope away from their parents
  • recognise own name

The service empowers parents to confidently overcome environmental issues impacting on their children’s learning and development.

Referrals and Information

Referrals can be made by families by submitting a self-referral form.  Feel free to contact the office for an informal chat in the first instance.

Professionals such as nursery staff, key workers, health visitors and social workers can submit an agency referral form.

For more information email  or phone 01273 612025.