A Trauma-Informed Approach

The services and support that we at Home-Start East Sussex offer are intervention services that take a preventative approach to reducing adversity and trauma, and promoting wellbeing and recovery. We are aware of the impact that difficult and challenging experiences have, and how they can have a traumatic impact on all family members, both adults and children.

We aim to ensure we are accessible and take this into consideration by using what is known as a ‘Trauma informed approach’, within this we:

  • understand that you are the expert in your own life
  • understand that individuals – particularly victims of domestic abuse – may have experienced additional trauma (from other services, courts, etc.) and ensure that victim/survivors know from initial contact that we believe you
  • work to identify and respond to the risk of each individual who accesses our service
  • ensure our programmes and services are strength-based and person-centred
  • ensure our services focus on encouraging empowerment, building confidence, resilience and hope
  • encourage peer-to-peer support, sharing of coping strategies
  • include, within our support, time and space for the development of supportive relationships. Our groups include informal time to develop peer support and the opportunity for those accessing the service to talk one-to-one to staff
  • continually reflect on our practice, ask for client reflection, evaluation and things for improvement. We discuss the feedback from each client and implement changes and improvements throughout all services
  • have clear pathways to specialist services and refer/signpost you to the most appropriate support
  • work collaboratively with clients and referrers to improve all our services
  • invite ex-service users are invited to attend our Service Steering Groups to give their valuable perspective, acting as a critical friend and providing challenge and scrutiny

We understand that Covid19 is a challenge currently being experienced by those accessing our services, who may already have lived through adverse experiences such as domestic abuse. We have worked to minimise the impact of the pandemic by continuing to offer all of our services.